Welcome To BeltQuip

BeltQuip provides all the equipment necessary for the complete fabrication and modification of PVC,PU, and rubber conveyor belts. BeltQuip is member of the REPA Group.

REPA has been producing conveyor belts for all types of industry since 1993. REPA will gladly help you find an innovative solution to your situation. We develop conveyor belts under our own management which exactly meet the conditions demanded by the situation.

Who Is BeltQuip

The worldwide developer and supplier of all equipment which is needed for the complete fabrication of PVC, PU and Rubber conveyor belts.
BeltQuip makes it easy for companies worldwide to create their own full conveyor fabrication department.
The best equipment for the fabrication of conveyor belts for a fair price.
BeltQuip supplies equipment to companies around the world.

BeltQuip equipment worldwide

Presses for Conveyor Belts 90
Split Machines for Conveyor Belts 95
Punches for Conveyor Belts 85
Racks for Conveyor Belts 75